With this organized professional practices, the learners of Shree Veda are very much prosperous in all competitive exams like GATE, PSUs, JTO, TRANSCO, GENCO, DISCOMs, PSC etc.
• The faculty is highly experienced and pertinent to the competitive exams
• The study material is very much related to the particular exam
• The test series will be probabilistic based with probabilities of similar questions in exams
• The faculty is accessible for doubt clearance
• We are ready with revised pattern
• We take care of any change in syllabus for any examination.
• Our results speak what we are

Yes. All the branches are owned by the company. Hence the Shree Veda centres are monitored directly by the Head office.

Regular feedback of the students / ideas of the subject experts / issues associated to the particular region are addressed for the better sake of the student communal.

No. Shree Veda is the best for all streams like civil, electrical, mechanical, electronics, computer science, instrumentation and production engineering. Our results will replicate the same. For all those branches, we have the finest faculty.

Usually, if a subject is ongoing, it will be finished in one stretch. Yet, in certain long subjects it will be finished in two stretches. In fact it is better for learners also, so that the student can come set for the next session.

All branches in Hyderabad are owned by the company. We don’t have franchises.

Shree Veda is best for all Engineering entrance examinations whether it might be GATE or PSU or GENCO or TRANSCO.

No. Yet we are planning to familiarize center based video classes for some of the subjects. Video classes will be provided for test series.

The online test series comprises different tests like subject-wise, chapter-wise, Grand test for every single subject and full length mock tests.

The study material provided by Shree Veda, the class notes given by our trainers and test series held by Shree Veda, are usually sufficient. Full revision of the subjects is extremely recommended.

We conduct the sessions to cover the syllabus of GATE. The order in which the subjects enclosed can be anything, based upon the convenience. If you need any specific subject to be covered before your university examination, you can request our head. If possible, it can be organized accordingly.